Can we eliminate password at login altogether?

by Naren Katakam • June 6, 2016

“When he reached the entrance of the cavern, he pronounced the words, “Open, Sesame!” The door immediately opened, and when he was in, closed upon him. In examining the cave, he was in great admiration to find much more riches than he had expected from Ali Baba’s relation. He quickly laid as many bags of […]

Designing for the evolving user

by Naren Katakam • November 9, 2015

A new approach I remember having elaborate discussions on user profiles, with my clients. How ‘tech savvy’ users are, or not. Lot of assumptions thrown around, sometimes old research data supported these assumptions and we moved forward in drafting user’s profile; assuming their technical readiness for the app or software, we are about to design […]