Resonating a Fintech brand with multiple stakeholders


Our fin-tech client SoCash’s mission is to solve all last mile cash management issues. While most of the fin tech offerings are in the space of going ‘cashless’; SoCash, on the other hand, was trying to win and help sort all cash related bottlenecks for businesses and users and have been gaining good traction in the ASEAN region since their inception.

While they moved on with business operations with skeuomorphic logo details, abstract logo design to start with. We wanted to change their outlook in line with their business mission. We had come up with concepts and a ‘logo design’ that would visually explain to varied stakeholders (from financial institutions to consumers to partners) “clearly and distinctly” what ‘socash’ was all about.

Business thinking in ‘Logo Design’

No one would deny the importance of a strong brand as a foundation for establishing the right communication channel for its growth. More so when a business needs to pull together varied people to embody the core mission of the startup and rightfully manage to communicate in a single way the vision or the dream of the founding team.

While we first set out (as we would normally do across our projects) to understand the possible routes and future plans and all product releases – we set out to bring the elements of design that can be extendible across their products along the cash management cycle. We evolved the final design based on simple visuals, relevancy to the business of the startup and gave the brand a color palette that is synonymous with ‘Cash’

Our deliverables

Our brand refresh was received very well by the founders and fin-tech community as the design deeply resonated with startup vision and of the things to come in the future.

Brand Logo + Monogram Color Palette + Typography.

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