Extending a brand to the Mobile app design


Mooments was one of the early ideas in taking the gift card purchase experience to digital. For southeast Asian market, this concept was validated in early research and market study. The challenge for this project was to define the entire product experience ground up.

Right from suggesting the brand name – “Mooments” to designing the logo, the shape, the font, the colors, the typography, the iconography and the entire shebang of the visual design system to base the product design on. Once the heavy lifting of branding was done and set. We moved to understanding the user, the market and the experience of purchasing a gift card.


An e-commerce mobile app design project is always a lot of work.  Before jumping straight into an artboard to spin out new designs, take a step back and start with research. It always starts with research. Research the market, the industry, the users, pick the early adopters.

Then move to wireframes, the early concepts from research summary gathered. We have to remember, that in mobile app redesign not just fresh look and feel of the UI but interactions are very important for the success of the app. Everything has to be based on the user experience of the app and what actions are considered as success and focus on them. Always ask yourself, “What are the goals of the user?”.


Design’ is one of the most important drivers of user engagement on a mobile app. Users are shifting towards a simpler and cleaner interface design. Engineering the mobile app UI to its very basic, necessary elements is the key to the app success on the app store or play store.

The greatest strength of simplicity is the structure and form. Clean colors, generous whitespace, and minimal graphical elements bring simplicity to the most complex subjects.

A simplified interface design, concise, clear and consistent is the most usable and appreciated by all personas. For Mooments, we have defined a simple interaction system based on the rules laid out by ‘Android Material Design’ and iOS human interface guidelines for those platforms respectively. Keeping things simpler and minimal helped us deliver a beautiful minimalist app combined with great usability.


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