Think about it.

Our smartphones are on us 24/7, we are connected to people, systems and companies 24/7, so, it is safe to assume that ‘brands’ now live in our pockets.

Every product, well almost all of them have digital presence and compared to just 3 years ago, user experience (UX) today has become a key part of product strategy. With such rapid evolution of digital world in the recent past, ‘customers’ are becoming ‘users’ and thats the first change of digital user experience reigning over traditional brand marketing. In fact, I see a reverse trend here, we may start referring even traditional ‘customers’ as product ‘user’ or solution ‘user’.

“User engagement and experience has become a major focus for any digital service company in recent years”

This tectonic shift is paving a strong path for a highly-active product development culture with tools like lean and agile methodologies. Traditional sales and marketing driven activities are replaced by user centric initiatives, take Uber or Square for example, they have a very strong user experience culture. In fact, the rise of ‘user experience’ is very similar to the way ‘brand’ rose in the 80s and 90s, only more rapidly. I can only predict it to grow more than what ‘brand marketing’ did, purely because of the complexity, reach and the scale of these digital systems.